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Memberships Explained




  Basically there are 2 types of members:

1. ELRC Members

  • Are active participants of Elite Matches

  •  Active staff and/or affiliates of  the Elite matches or ELRC events.

  •  ELRC Members have full access to all the Members Only section of the website.

  • ELRC Members are all granted Forum Membership, if they chose to.


2. Forum Members

  • Are just that, members of the forum only.

  • Have been referred by an ELRC Member or have been appointed a membership upon a request.

  • Requested forum memberships:: based on involvement in the shooting sports / industry

On the Elite Forum, it is an obligation for ALL members to have full names set as the User-name.

And again in the "About", along with city and state.

Below is an example image of how to set the Forum Profile to meet the obligation.



Our forum Policy & Regulations are simple:


Wholesome and friendly discussion.

Civil conversations only, among all members !.!.!

No arguing, bulling, or aggression will be tolerated.

All memberships are subject to suspension or termination without warning or explanation.

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