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Elite 2000 Yard

Rules & Format:
Version 9-20-2018


 1.  ELR
  1a. Rifle weight not to exceed 40-lbs including all attachments and "as fired".
  1b. Rifles may be fired from benches or from prone position.
  1c. Rifle must be supported by an attached bipod in the front, or sandbag rest.
  1d. The rear may be supported by a sandbag, sandbag pedestal, or roll. Attached monopods are legal.
  1e. All bipods, rests, sandbags, monopods, and supporting equipment are subject to the match director(s) approval.

  2a. Unlimited, with the only exceptions listed under "ALL classes".
  2b. Rifles may be fired from benches or from prone position.


18 LBS as fired, foldable bipod only.

Fired from prone (**disabled may shoot off bench at match director(s) approval).


Rules for ALL classes:

Set up time:
1. Once your relay is called to the firing line, you will have 15 minutes for set up.

Wind flags:
1. Are allowed, but must be set no higher then at the "line of sight".
2. Are subject to the Match Directors discretion and approval.

1. No instrument that collects or records data allowed forward of the firing line.
2. All instrumentation subject to the range officers discretion and approval.
3. Sharing of rifles and equipment is allowed, but only equal to the number of relays per class.

  • if there is only 1 relay, a same rifle can only be used by 1 shooter, in that class.

  • if there is 2 relays in a class, a same rifle may be used by 2 separate shooters, once in each relay.



1. Must be a human finger fired trigger system (no remotes, timers, etc.).

2. All bullet types used are subject to the hosting range/club approval, as well as match directors.

3. All rifles and/or equipment are subject to safety, with approval or disapproval there of.

Rifle scopes / sights:
1. Must be adjusted by the shooter for POA corrections (No "smart scopes").

Course of fire:
Sighter period will be unlimited shots. You will be given 6 minutes at the command "commence fire". The range officer will announce time warnings at 2 minutes, 1 minute, 30 seconds, and 15 seconds remaining. The range officer will then immediately give the command "commence fire on record targets". Shooters will have 10 minutes to complete their 5 shots for record. Time warnings will be announced at 3 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minute, 30 seconds and 15 seconds.

Target board dimensions: 96” x 96”.
Target paper dimensions are as follows: (MR-1)
72" x 64"
X = 6"
10 = 12"
9 = 18"
8 = 24"
7 = 36"  (Black)
6 = 48"  (White)
5 = 60"
0 = on paper or board outside rings, but will qualify for group

Scoring / Awards:

Each official match will consist of 3 targets to each class for both group and score, with combined 3-target aggregate records and single target records (in misfortune of poor or threatening weather, conditions, or other types of adversity, matches may be shortened to fewer targets, or ended before total completion).  

The match finishing order and winners to be scored/determined by Relay Rank from random draw relays.

Ties for score will be broken by smallest group.
If there is still a tie, it will be broken by X count.
If there is still a tie, it will be broken by closest to center.

Group ties will be broken by highest score.

Targets with fewer than 5 shots:
1. 100" will be added to the group size for each missing shot.
2. Missing shots will count "0" for score.

Group's outside the repair centers will be measured, scored, and pasted over for reuse.
Group's that stay within the repair centers will be taken down, and given to the competitor after it's been officially scored.

Winners will be announced for the following to each class:

  • Group

  • Score

  • Over-all

WORLD RECORDS will be acknowledged for the following from all classes:

  • Small Group

  • High Score

  • Group Aggregate

  • Score Total

The very best all time results to the 4 categories above, from any/all the classes.

** The records will start to be officially acknowledged after the 2019 season is complete. Read below:

(Being ELRC is a new organization, a term of record establishment is needed. There for the Elite 2000 Yard official records will

not be recognized or honored until the end of the 2019 season. At which time what ever the very best group and score, along

with the best group and score aggregates, that were ever achieved at any of the Elite 2000 Yard events held, will be recognized

as the official records. Until said time, the best achievements to date will only be recognized as: Temporary Records, that stand

to possibly be bettered, before becoming official.)