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Elite 1000-BR

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Elite Long Range Competition ---- Elite 2000 Yard  ---- Elite 1000-BR

 Is a competitive shooting organization and structure to be used at competition shooting events, with a format that is determined by the amount of Accuracy & Precision that each competitor, there rifle, and equipment are capable of, from both the measured group size and the score achievement of a record string of shots fired at a target, at a long range distance. Primarily based on raw accuracy, achievable accuracy, and advancements to accuracy.

  Then, from this website, make available the match results, pertaining statistics, and relevant media of the events. To give recognition to the participants the significance of there performance at the matches, tournaments, and/or events, to how they compare to past and present resultants, achievements, and records. To give honor to the achievements, and the extent of reflection they have to ultimate Long Range Accuracy & Precision. 

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