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Online Target Pictures

EliteLRC Committee  - February 17, 2019


Online “live target pictures”, will be going into effort on a trial & error bases, with an end goal: to enrich target review at the matches going forward.

When the target crew is down range tending the targets, and after they score a target, they will place Orange dots over each of the record shots that are on target. Then a picture will be taken of the target, along with a “marker board” detailing the specifics to each target. The next trip down to tend targets, the target crew will patch over the Orange dots with Black/White pasters, and repeat the process described above.


At some point after the target crew is finished tending the targets, and the scoring of them is completed, those target pictures will be uploaded to the website, for target reviewing by the participants, staff, and spectators, via there cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc.. Group's outside the repair centers will be measured, scored, pictured, and pasted over for reuse. Group's that stay within the repair centers will be taken down, brought back, and given to the competitor.


With in a few days after a match, our scoring committee will email each participant who is signed up to receiving emails, there record target pictures they shot, along with results, and other match pertinent particulars.


Dependent on the extent of growth of the sport, EliteLRC is committed to continue to update and technically advance all aspects. EliteLRC is very financially limited, but is committed to review and plan for the future, with as much advancement as can be afforded and/or deemed necessary. Online “live targets” and “live scoring” are just a couple of the aspects EliteLRC is working toward and/or implementing presently.   


Pictured target example:

Example Target.jpg
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