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TOWNSEND, MT  -  June 21, 2020   (Complete match results below the match report)

   The COVID-19 pandemic quashed the plans for several pre-registered out of state persons.

With only 1 out-of-state attendance, and 10 Montana's, the  2020 EliteLRC-2000 Yard Match took place, along with good weather and some respectable conditions. 

  Jeff Reed of Livingston, MT started Day-1 of the 2 day event off with a record breaking 13.059" group in the ELR Class, first Relay of the day. Jeff was shooting his .417 BM with Cutting Edge 475-grain Lazor Tipped bullets, gunsmithed by Northridge Rifles.

  Tom Mousel of Columbia Falls, MT fallowed Jeff Reed's record breaking trend in the Unlimited Class with a 13.082" group fallowed by a new best group record of 12.657". Tom was shooting his Wheeler Accuracy built 338-Improved with 300gr Berger Hybrids.

   More records were broke in multiple fashion with the 3-Target Score Aggregate record falling prey from  Cody Finch with a 106 score, Glen Kulzer with a 109 score, Tom Mousel with a 119 score, and by Heather McGuire with a new best 3-target record score of 124.

  The record breaking trends continued with the breaking of the 3-Target Aggregate Group record as well, by an annual repeat record breaking performance by Tom Mousel, and bettering the 2019 record by nearly 3", to a new aggregate of 16.845".

  Heather McGuire finished as the Unlimited Class Over-All Winner.

  Tom Mousel finished as the ELR Class Over-All Winner.

  Much appreciation to  Broadwater Rod & Gun Club  for again hosting the event at there beautiful and unique range. We look forward to the future of there hosting of Elite 2000 Yard events.


2020 UNL Relays.png
2020 UNL OverAll.png
2020 ELR Class Relays.png
2020 ELR OverAll.png
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