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At the portable "Big Shooter" bench firing position (above)

Down range to 2001-Yards (below)


The Target (below)

  5-shot Group =  15.1"  - .72-MOA  (4 at 8.75" / .418-MOA)


First time at 2000 Yards


  James River valley in LaMoure County, ND

Started by adding 124-MOA of Elevation.

Dialed 3-MOA of Left

(2.6-MOA for spin drift plus Windage solution)

 1st shot <> Right and a little High

 2nd shot <> impact behind board (figured it went through)

 Fired 4 more and drove down.

 None on, but splash scraps showed they went over the top, but not by much. Knowing were close, we set up the forward spotter at 200' forward and left, with a car for a barricade.

 Drove back to the firing line, dropped the elevation and fired; in the dirt a little low and a little right (blew dirt on the target board).

  8th shot <> On - low and right

  9th shot <> On - center high

  Fired 5 shots <> see pictures




Rifle:  6Dasher - 700-Rem

Trigger:  Jewel BR Trigger

Stock:  Shehane MBR Tooley

Scope:  Night Force 12-42x56 BR

Elevation mount:  homemade

Berger 105-VLD Target

31" Brux 7.83-twist

3060-fps at Muzzle

  (507-fps at Target)


121-MOA of Elevation

   7-MOA of Windage


Time of Flight = 4.82-seconds

Max Height = 1149" / 95.7' @ 1292-yards

Transonic @  1256-yards

Subsonic @  1344-yards


49-F / 28.57" / 45% /  7-mph SE 

1388' at Bench (FRP) <> 14T  559486.00 E   5125900.43 N  (UTM)

1300' at Target (TRP) <> 14T  558312.40 E  5127303.40 N  (UTM)

 -3 degrees slope

321-degree Heading (SE to NW)


Ballistic Program used:  Pejsa Ballistics based program

Forward spotter - Keith H.

Position spotter - Eugene S.

Had fired my 6Dasher's to 1-mile a few times in past years, and always wanted to stretch it out. 

What a blast !.!.!  ....  and don't under estimate a 6Dasher !.!.!

March 14, 2015

Donovan Moran

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