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TOWNSEND, MT  -  August 19, 2018   (Complete match results below the match report)

  Inaugural 2000 Yard match ELR Class winner Heather McGuire of Banks, OR set the bar high to both Group & Score for the future of Elite 2000 Yard Competition. Using 475-gr. Cutting Edge bullets fired from a 416 Reed Magnum built by Northridge Rifles, Heather fired an impressive 14.627" group with a score of 47 on her 3rd target of the tournament, that not only secured her lead in the ELR Class for a hat trick win, but also were the best group & score of the event, making her accomplishments the bar set and marks to beat going forward.   

  In Unlimited Class, extended distance shooter Ronald Maw from Sunset, LA lead the way in Score while Tom Mousel of Columbia Falls, MT showed the way in Group. Both of which set the high Aggregates of the tournament with Ronald at a 94 Score Agg, and Tom with the Group Agg.

Tom's 3-target group agg of 21.188" only slightly edged out Heather McGuire's 21.628" aggregate from the ELR Class, for the mark to beat in the future going forward.

Lonnie Anderson of Deer Lodge, MT kept all his bullets on target to "hat trick" Hunter Class. Lonnie was shooting 300-gr. Berger's in his JT Barber built 338-Edge hunting rifle that he uses for Elk.

Tom Mousel picked up the Match win and group aggregate in Unlimited Class. Tom was shooting a 338-Lapua Improved with 300-gr. Berger's as well was Ronald Maw who won the Score side.

David Torgeson of Whitefish, MT took home the "Center X" money with a 1.589". David was shooting a 28-Nosler with 180-gr Berger's from his new hunting rifle built by Wheeler Accuracy.


While Troy Lockhart and his wife (Elaine) drove all the way from Sparta, TN (+1900-miles) to participate, Sebastian Lambang (SEB) and his wife flew to Montana to participate, from there home in Snrabaya, Indonesia. In all there were shooters from 5 states and 2 countries in attendance. One of which is a Junior shooter, Libby Diller of Missoula, MT, who is also an active high school shooter, that showed well that youth with determination can shoot 2000 yards successfully.

Much appreciation to Broadwater Rod & Gun Club for not only hosting the event at there beautiful and unique range, but for committing to the building of the 2000-yard line, in a way that sight-in shots/impacts could easily be spotted. They plan on improving the berm even more yet, as well as other improvements to there range, for the future hosting of Elite 2000 Yard events.

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ELR Agg Results4.png
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