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Read this before scrolling down to the Sign Up steps:

ELRC's "Elite Forum" is a private, members only, message board forum.

 It can not be viewed with out Log In, and only by Logged In memberships. 

Each members real full name, as well as there city/state has to be in there user profile, so "everyone knows everyone". Anyone not conforming to this regulation, site membership will be terminated.

There are three types of membership to the forum: 

  -  Active ELRC event members, that have participated in Elite matches.

  -  Active staff and affiliates of Elite matches or ELRC events.

  -  Referral and/or requested membership.

All active members, staff, and affiliate members can submit referrals for approval.

All forum memberships are subject to termination or rejection without explanation.

Referring members can be held accountable to there referrals.


"Elite Forum" membership:  STEP 1

If you already submitted a "Sign Up" from a

Log in / Sign Up screen, proceed to STEP 2.

If not, Click  on "Sign Up"  below to complete STEP 1

Then come back here to the Office and proceed to STEP 2



"Elite Forum" membership:  STEP 2

Membership request form:

A members only private Forum )

  • All fields must be complete. 

  • A current member referral name, and/or a description for acceptance is mandated.

  • Active ELRC members only need to put in your Member No. for a description.


Your Step 1 and Step 2 information will be read, checked,

and administrated before authorization or approval.

This may take several hours or days.

Your membership request was received, now continue on with STEP 2.

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